What Coding Language Should You Learn?

By Aaron Shey; Science & Tech columnist

Say you want to learn code.  If you’re like me, you probably do.  But, there are so many options!  Python, HTML5, Ruby, Swift, C++… which one should you choose?  This article outlines the pros and cons for each language, and the suggested audience for each.

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AI: Good or Bad?

by Aaron Shey; Science & Technology columnist Flip open a newspaper, load up a news site, or check out some tech reporter’s Twitter feed and you’re likely to see the words AI, machine learning, and how it is going to change the future for the better. Really?  AI, or machine learning, as previously stated, is … Continue reading AI: Good or Bad?

RIP Opportunity

By Aaron Shey; Science & Tech columnist Say the word “Opportunity” and images of happiness, advantages and general good stuff will flash through most people’s minds.  To some people, hearing the word “Opportunity” conjures images of a machine. The twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars in 2004.  Originally, they were intended to explore … Continue reading RIP Opportunity

Boeing 747

By Asah Long; Science & Technology columnist   Here is a complete list of all you would ever need to know about the Boeing 747! The wing span from tip to tip is 68.4 meters or 224 feet and 5 inches. The length of the plane from the cockpit to the end of the plane … Continue reading Boeing 747

Emulators: A Computer (or Phone) in a Computer

By Aaron Shey, Science & Technology columnist

Imagine you’re a total Apple guy.  You have a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad, Apple Watch… y’know, everything Apple.  You’re also really into video editing!  One day, you come across the dream video editing software: fast, good-looking, free, powerful — and only available on Windows.  

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The Cutting Edge

By Aaron Shey, Science and Technology columnist

I’m sure you’ve read the newspaper recently.  If you took a peek into the Science/Technology sections, the sheer amount of the words “cutting edge” may astound you!  Why, everything from VR to self-driving cars to cold fusion is being marked as the bleeding/cutting edge of the future, no matter the improbability of these technologies being mass-producing anytime soon.  But really, though, what is the true cutting edge of technology? 

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