By Anna Webel, Nature and Cooking & Baking and Humor columnist

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Animal of the Week: Deer

By Drittenstorm, Animal of the Week columnist


Deer are cute and adorable creatures with soft brown fur with huge eyes. They usually are an average size of 4-5 feet tall and males have an average of 6-8 points or 3-4 points per antler. The record for the most points on one set of antlers was 47 points!  Deer are often discounted for their capabilities, I personally have seen a deer clear a 6ft fence, granted it was a large deer about a 4ft 7in buck and it had some trouble but it cleared the fence. Even fawns (Which are baby deer) can clear my fence which is 5ft tall and they’re only 4ft tall, which is like saying, someone who is 5ft tall can jump 6ft.

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