New Contest!

By Anna Webel, Cooking & Baking, Humor, and Nature columnist


Hello everyone! I hope your up to date on…everything…and stuff… 😀

But I have some news about the next contest! THE FIRST PLACE PRIZE GETS A $5 AMAZON GIFT CARD!

We will not have a baking competition, because the contest that had the most votes was… Continue reading “New Contest!”

Cooking and Baking Random Tips

By Anna Webel, Cooking & Baking and Humor columnist


We all know that even if you have made and tested a recipe many times, there is still a chance of it failing. I am not saying that these tips will help you never fail a recipe, but some of them might make your cooking and baking better. I have researched what other people do and use during different times in need of a tip. Most of them are the same, some might work…some might not. It is up to you to test them. Continue reading “Cooking and Baking Random Tips”